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Our Network

At Aeori, our staff brings the knowledge and experience you would expect to make sure that your server and sites are always reachable by your web visitors. We constantly monitor network capacity and work diligently to prevent Internet attacks and network outages. If your web site or server ever experiences a problem, you can contact a network engineer or support professional, who is always on call to help solve any network problem.

Our Datacenter

Datacenter Picture Datacenter Picture Datacenter Picture Datacenter Picture

Quality Capacity and Providers

Aeori connects your web site or web server with the outside world using a variety, or blend, of various quality Internet upstream providers. We strive to have multiple paths to the Internet to route around any potential points of failure. You can rest easy knowing that when you use Aeori for your web presence, it is like hiring your own full-time network engineer to watch over your web site or server. We take care of the "hard stuff," so you can relax and concentrate on running your business.

Aeori has ample network capacity to prevent network congestion and Internet bottlenecks that might otherwise cause your web site to perform sluggishly.