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Dedicated Servers

Aeori sells only the highest quality dedicated servers utilizing fully redundant multihomed IP transit circuits. And although our servers have the lowest failure rate in the industry, we maintain a large stock of parts on-hand in the unlikely event that something happens to your server. We employ an all Cisco powered routing infrastructure for maximum resillience to Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). We know and understand the operation of dedicated servers so well that we manufacture our own reboot ports, which are included free with every dedicated server.

The Aeori Advantage

Have you ever dealt with a dedicated server provider who charges monthly for hardware upgrades? This practice is cost-prohibitive, and it only benefits the provider, right? The Aeori Advantage lets you pay one-time setup fees for all hardware upgrades, and you keep the hardware for life! You'll never again have to pay a monthly fee for extra memory, more hard drive space, or other types of hardware upgrades. If you upgrade your server, the hardware you've already paid for can be installed in the new server. The upgrades belong to you forever, and are just one more reason why Aeori is the best value. Period.

Budget servers
- Celerons, P4s, low-end AMDs -
- $0/month hardware upgrades -
- For budget-conscious consumers -
- Metered or Unmetered to 100mbit -
- Starting at $79/mo -
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Mid-range servers
- Core2Duo, Core2Quad -
- Up to 16GB RAM, 4TB storage -
- $0/month hardware upgrades -
- Metered or Unmetered to 1 Gbit -
- Starting at $95/mo -
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High-end servers
- Multi-core Xeons / Opterons -
- Up to 48GB RAM, 16TB storage -
- $0/month hardware upgrades -
- Metered or Unmetered to 1 Gbit -
- Starting at $125/mo -
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We offer unmetered servers up to 1000 mbit/sec, along with full customization. For advanced clustering, we offer the latest quad core processors and free load balancing. Contact us to get a free quote for your server.
For those who do not need dedicated servers currently, we offer various shared web hosting solutions, and our virtual private servers.
Services are provided in accordance with our Customer Agreement. To inquire more about our offerings, or for custom configurations, please Contact Us.